Contact information:

Jennifer Pettis Schallert


Located in Satellite Beach, Florida

BioSci, LLC

Data-driven insights to important questions

  • Facilitate discussions and refine research questions

  • Advise on study design, data collection, and statistical methods

  • Analyze existing data to create visualizations, high-quality graphics, and maps

  • Apply appropriate analyses and/or statistical tests given the specific question and data

  • Fluent in several analytical programming languages, including R, R-Shiny, SAS, and MATLAB

  • >20 years of experience of data analysis in several industries from environmental science to clinical research which can be applied to any industry

  • Passion for communication and finding the best way to understand complicated data for a client's project needs

Additional skills to support project needs:

  • Field-based data collection

  • Technical editing and writing of results

  • Technical presentation of analytical methods and results

  • Fluent in written and spoken Spanish

  • GUI development

  • Creating custom code for database access

  • Custom courses for employees and/or students in analytical skills